A full moon on a warm spring night

I think understanding Life must be like catching the moon in that it looks
closer the farther you are from it

As you inch nearer it slips away, a teasing invitation to follow
the glow to the end of solid ground

And at night it all seems to make sense; unburdened by the
brightness of daylight, among the secret creatures of the dark

This life seems for a moment possible to commit to memory
etched into your mind’s eye, the warm summer wind blowing softly

But Life is rarely so eloquently simple and waxes and wanes
just as you think you’ve captured the light, the sky goes dark

As with any wild thing, we must keep our distance
admire from afar what we will never quite understand but always yearn for

But there will be nights when the glow is so bright, for a moment
we can capture the magnitude of what it means to look up at the stars

And then the clouds shift and obscure our view, and we wonder
what we were looking for in the first place

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