The Life of a bubble

A magic wand dips into iridescent liquid, waves through the air and: poof! You’re born! A nameless orb floating through space
In ten seconds, you’ll take in every offered earthly wonder


You float through the wind, feeling the warm summer breeze,
lazily drifting toward the trees


Face to face with lush greenery, flowers bloom wildly
Jasmine and magnolia flood the air with rich, floral sweetness


The sun peeks out from behind pink, pillowy clouds
You catch the light like a fiery opal, casting a sea of rainbows


In the meadow below, a couple kisses on a picnic blanket
Their love is overpowering, unaware of anything else in the world


A child looks up as you float by and squeals with delight
“Look! A bubble!” Giddy peals of laughter ring, echoing in the sky


You land on the surface of a pond, just kissing the water’s surface
The vibrant golden fish don’t notice and continue swimming along


Coated in dewdrops, a spider’s web hangs between two branches
Stronger than steel, the silk waves gently in the light of the moon


Round, and yellow, the vast full moon fills up the sky
Controlling the tides, she holds unknown power over the night


Water inches upward, turning you into a hemisphere halfway above water
The crickets begin to sing, soft and slow, nature’s somber violins


The night fades to dawn as the once inky sky turns to light blue
As the surface tension builds, you stretch to the limit before you pop

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